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What is a RICS Building Survey?

The RICS Building Survey, also known as a Full Structural Survey, is an inspection by an RICS Chartered Surveyor and is the most detailed level of survey offered by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). It is typically recommended for older properties, those of non-standard construction, that have had significant levels of alteration over the years. This might include a Grade I or II listed property or a property of timber or steel-framed construction.

Unlike the RICS HomeBuyer Report, the RICS Building Survey does not follow a templated design

Instead, the report is much more thorough and bespoke – and the surveyor delves deeper into potential areas of concern – rather than being restricted by the pre-determined template set out by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

A further benefit of the RICS Building Survey is that it aims to include elements and professional advice to help you make a reasoned and informed decision of the property. Our Chartered Surveyors will strive to give you a detailed assessment of the property’s condition, describing the identifiable risk of potential hidden defects while also proposing the most probable cause(s) of the defects identified. Where practical and agreed, we may be able to provide an estimate of costs and likely time scales for necessary repairs. All of which is extremely useful information when it comes to making one of the most important purchases of your lifetime.

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What will be included?

The RICS Building Survey is the most comprehensive level of survey that we offer. It is designed to go into as much detail as possible regarding the structural integrity of the property and the construction materials that have been used. The surveyor will inspect the inside and outside of the property, as well as all permanent outbuildings such as garages and outhouses. The inspection is designed to assess as much of the property, in as much detail, as physically possible.

Within the report will also be the items you would expect to find in the RICS HomeBuyers Report:

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The RICS Building Survey is designed to go into as much detail as we can regarding to the structural integrity of the property, the construction principles as well the construction materials that have been used.

The report may be able to assess the condition of the materials used and how they will weather in the future. Giving you vital information about the property that may not necessarily be immediately obvious on your first few viewings. Although the report won’t necessarily follow the templated design found in the HomeBuyer Report, the surveyor will endeavour to make the report as jargon-free as possible. Setting it out in a manner that is easy to read, the following categories to grade potential defects will be used to determine the condition of individual elements.

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When you receive your RICS Building Survey, we recommend concentrating on any issues highlighted as urgent or significant to start with, as they would be considered the most severe. There will also be a section at the bottom for your legal advisers and conveyancers. Be sure to discuss the findings with them in order to determine the best way to solve any concerns raised within the RICS Building Survey. Remember, you can always speak to our dedicated team here at iMyHome if you need any assistance along the way!

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