Specialist Surveys

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Structural Engineer reports

At a glance… There are two levels of Structural Engineers Report you can choose from:

Specific defect

This looks at the particular problem which has been highlighted by a prior inspection. That may be from a HomeBuyer Report/Building Survey or from the valuation carried out by your lender.

Whole Property Inspection

Rather than one individual area of concern, this will assess the structural integrity of the entire property. Key features:

structural engineering
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Asbestos Reports

The Asbestos Report will be based on the findings of a surface sampling survey which reports on all materials present, with samples taken for laboratory testing of any items that may contain asbestos. These reports may be restricted to certain areas or whole property inspections. In addition, the report will provide an estimate for the removal of asbestos by an appropriately qualified company. At a glance…

Drain Reports

CCTV Drain report inspects the condition of the drainage runs using CCTV camera access via the inspection chambers to the underground foul drainage system. A report is produced from the findings and will include costings for any recommended remedial repairs. At a glance

electrical reports

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Electrical Reports

The Electrical inspection tests the fuse board and all the circuits and removes a representative sample of the sockets and switches to perform a visual wiring check. Suppose the property does not comply with the latest IEE regulations. In that case, the report will provide costings for recommended remedial repairs to bring it up to these standards. At a glance…

Japanese Knotweed Report

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a weed that spreads rapidly. In winter, the plant dies back to ground level, but by early summer, the bamboo-like stems emerge from roots deep beneath the ground and can grow to over 2.1m (7ft), suppressing all other plant growth. Eradication can be extremely difficult by hand or with chemicals. Mortgage lenders can be very particular about lending against properties while Japanese Knotweed is present New legislation now covers its control. At a glance…

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As each inspection is tailored to the individual property and issue, get in touch with our specialist team, who would be happy to discuss the different types of reports on offer.